Prystino Technologies is dedicated to providing the most innovative social commerce script solutions. We have created a perfect clone of scripts, The Fancy Script Clone – Go Adore! Our Fancy Script Clone offers the most powerful and innovative technology available for social commerce websites today.

The Original Fancy

The original Fancy took one of the first steps in revolutionizing social commerce. Fancy utilized pictures, feeds and social sharing to create an amazing shopping experience. This socially orientated online shopping is so easy to use and share, that users are sharing all of their latest trends and deals with their social friends.

Fancy is quoted as describing itself as, “a blog, magazine, wish list and store catalogue rolled into one”. With a combination like that, who could go wrong? This social commerce solution is practically designed for entrepreneurs.

The Fancy Script Clone – Go Adore!

Our experts have completely created an original replica of Fancy, called Go Adore! With the explosive technology of the Fancy Clone Script, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur. Your job would be to simply ensure that the script continues to run. As an entrepreneur operating the Fancy Clone Script, on your own or with our help you can act as webmaster and merchandiser.

Market your Fancy Script Clone across geographical locations, user groups, interests, or any other way you wish to and watch it grow into a successful social commerce platform. Attract users and sellers from around the world to use your innovative website.

You can setup your own commissions and approve seller requests individually. You also have the ability to maintain the accounts of sellers and monitor their success.

Social Buyer & Seller Based

Our innovative Fancy Script Clone seamlessly integrates numerous social media platforms. Our easy-to-use script makes it easy for buyers to shop online and share their favourite products via social media. Buyers are enabled with the most innovative shopping features, such as gift cards, wish lists, notifications, tracking and much more. It is also easy for sellers to sign up, create a profile and start marketing their products.

Sellers who market their products on your social commerce site can manage and upload their products as soon as their account is approved. They can also manage orders, promotions, advertisement and more.

Overview Of Go Adore! The Original Fancy Script Clone

Go Adore! Offers built in LAMP technology shipped in CodeIgniter Framework with intuitive design. We offer users a powerful administration area along with a code and design that is fully customizable. We offer users a variety of powerful payment gateway options that are fully compliant with payment transaction standards.

social commerce framework offers the best social features available. We offer one-click Facebook and Twitter connect buttons and multi-lingual options. We also offer the most user-friendly shopping options available. On top of all this, we also offer unlimited products and categories.

Go Adore! Front End Features

For front end users, Go Adore! Offers customizable user and brand profiles with a multitude of features. Users are able to create wishlists and add products with “” bookmarklet. You are able to search and find products by a variety of search options. You may also share products via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and post comments or reviews on products.

Our front end features also allow users to follow certain stores, brands and collections. We also offer a variety of options for users to find relevant and interesting product lines to follow, as well as group cards and amazing discounts. We also offer highly effective checkout and shipping options. We support the most popular payment gateways, such as PayPal,PayPal Adaptive,Sage Pay and Authorize.Net.

Go Adore! Back End Features

We feature a bootstrap installed backend with an amazing responsive design that is fully smartphone and tablet compatible. Our impressive Dashboard offers amazing options for order management, customer management, payment gateway management, currency management, email and newsletter management.

With our high-end sales and management technology empowering our users, your business can almost run itself. To increase traffic and conversion for your business, we have also built in the most popular features for managing commissions, gift registries, customized email notifications, annual sales reports, gift coupon management and advertisement management.

We even have features for the more advanced users, such as WYSIWYG editor for CMS pages, Cron Jobs and the ability to export sales reports. Our general settings help each user to easily manage and grow their business in their own way.

Speak to our sales team for any questions and place an order of Go Adore today! Please shout us out at if you have any questions.

Go Adore! Is designed to be an amazing web platform that acts as part store, blog, wishlist and magazine. Take your dreams of running a successful online business and turn them into a reality with our cutting-edge technology. Our original Fancy Script Clone is designed to offer the widest range of the most optimal features. With technology like this, your success practically guaranteed.


1. Linux
2. Apache 2.0.x
3. PHP Compatibility

    • 5.0.x or newer

4. Mysql Compatibility

    • Mysql 5.0 or newer

5.Required Extensions

    • Hash
    • JSON
    • CURL
    • DOM
    • GD Library with free type support 2

6.Required PHP Settings

    • max_execution_time : “600”
    • max_input_time : “600”
    • file_uploads : “ON”
    • upload_max_filesize : “20MB”
    • post_max_size : “20MB”
    • max_file_uploads : “20MB”
    • safe_mode: off

7.Server Settings:

  • Ability to run scheduled jobs (cron jobs)
  • Ability to override in .htaccess files
  • IonCube Loader

1. What Framework/Technology/Go Adore is built in?

Go Adore is built with CodeIgniter Framework (MVC)/ LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP). We have used the latest version of CodeIgniter version(2.0).

2. Where can I see your ‘The Fancy Clone’ demo?
You can take a look at the The Fancy Clone demo here,
Front End Demo:
Back End Demo:

3. Which hosting provider I should choose?
We recommend VPS hosting package and above for our script. We are not affiliated with any hosting provider and therefore we are not liable for any discrepancy. Please share your server requirements with your hosting provider before procuring the hosting.

4. Does your script support multilingual?
Yes, our script support English, French and Spanish.

5. Can I change the licensed domain with another?
Yes, you have to contact our support team with domain name that you are trying to change and we will change the domain name for you.

6. Do you undertake customization?
Yes, we undertake custom services including design, integration, customization, API integration, upgrade, installation, support and maintenance for a reasonable price. Please contact with your requirements.

Submitting bug reports or other support requests by existing customers should only be done by posting a ticket via the Support center.Support requests via chat or contact form will not be considered.

Support  email address: Support Center

    • Language Switcher

      It’s a simple and easy to use feature that will allow you to choose the desired language from the available language of your website. Currently, we have introduced ‘English’ & ‘French’ language packs to the script and more on its way. Please be informed that Go Adore accepts UTF-8 character set which allows you to display Cyrillic characters as well.


  • Sort by Colours

    This feature allows you to sort the products based on the colours that you wish. We have developed this feature in such a way that the colour codes are automatically detected and grouped in no time.


    • Item Description Pop up

      Now, you need not to worry about the lengthy description of your products . The lengthy description is now shown in a pop up that will allow you to take a detailed study about the product. Yes, we heard you! You can also order the product without leaving the page.


  • Sort by Price

    Finding products that match your price range is never difficult. GoAdore offers this cool feature from Version 1.0.2 onwards. The pricing range is easily configurable from the intuitive backend.


    • Add to List

      This is another usability feature introduced in the Version 1.0.2 of Go Adore. You can easily add a thing or a product by hitting the ‘Add to list’ feature from the right hand side of your screen. Initially, we gave the ability to ‘Add to list’ only through ‘Adore’ or ‘ Abhor’ functionality.


  • Easy Edit

    Editing a product’s price, description, quantity& quantity can be made in quick time. We’ve listing ‘edit’ button in the right hand side of the product detail page.


    • Finding Similar Colours

      GoAdore’s colour finding algorithm helps you to find the products with similar colour. When you see a product and want to find the products that are in similar colour, then this feature comes into action.


  • Estimated Delivery

    This feature enables you to let the customer know that the product will be delivered in the mentioned time. This will help the Admin to run his business smoothly and avoid any miscommunication between the seller and the buyer.

    • Detailed views

      Get the different viewing experience of your products & things with classic, grid and compact views. Great user experience allows your customer to visualize the contents in their favourite viewing option.


  • Explore recent activity

    Recent activity feed displays stories of the most interesting recent activity taking place in your website. It displays when you Add a thing or Comment on a Thing or Follow a friend.


  • Get quick updates

    Notifications are designed to alert the user when an important event occur including Adore, Add things, Comment and Follow. You can customize your email notifications from a variety of notification settings.


  • Define your search criteria

    Go Adore provides powerful search function. You can search anything across the website and the search result will be based on the following criteria “Things”, “People” and “List”.


  • Detailed views

    Get the different viewing experience of your products & things with classic, grid and compact views. Great user experience allows your customer to visualize the contents in their favourite viewing option.


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