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Prystino Technologies is proud to be a leader in providing the top script clones for your websites. We specialize in the top website scripts and platforms. The Wanelo business model has been creating waves of success for billions of users, and we are here to bring that success to you.

What is Wanelo

Wanelo was founded by Deena Varshavskaya in 2010. Deena realized how little the traditional mall shopping experience actually left her feeling satisfied. She decided to see what her friends liked and revolutionize the online shopping experience.

Wanelo (wah-nee-loh) is derived from the philosophy of “Want, Need, Love”. Deena’s creation is now an amazingly huge online shopping community. This community brings together products, stores and people on one social platform. This new social shopping platform has quickly become one of the most original and innovative social shopping scripts.

The Wanelo Clone Script

Based on the success of the Wanelo business model, Prystino has harnessed the power of this unique social shopping script by creating Trio. Trio, the Wanelo Clone script, brings the power of the Wanelo business model into the hands of anyone who desires it.

Starting a Wanelo Clone website today could be your ticket to massive income earnings. Both large enterprises and small startups have seen the Wanelo Clone script work wonders for their ecommerce ventures.

Benefits Of Trio – The Wanelo Clone Script

Shopping never goes out of style, not even during tough economic times. Online shopping has been growing more popular and convenient with each year. With the growth of online social networks, it has become common for people to check out what their friends like and where they shop online before making their own purchases.

The Wanelo Clone script, Trio, allows anyone who wants to – to set up their own social commerce site. You can design your own social commerce site, based on any theme, and use the Wanelo Clone script as the base of your design. Wanelo has revolutionized the idea of a social platform with ecommerce, and you could too!

People everywhere are loving social media networks, and they are always going to be curious about what their peers are interested in. Make it easy for your users to connect and shop together on your website, using the Wanelo Clone social commerce script.

Note:   We use the name Wanelo clone just for our marketing / promotion purpose. We never copy the code or the graphics from the Wanelo website.

Prices that go Booom!

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small fish package
  • Professional installation service
  • One domain installation
  • No "Powered by" branding
  • 1 month free support
  • 3 months free updates
  • 99 % source code
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  • Professional installation service
  • FREE 50 hrs customization ($750 worth)
  • No "Powered by" branding
  • 12 months free support
  • 12 months free updates
  • 100 % source code


You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

Absolutely! Trio's template is developed on HTML5/ CSS3 / Bootstrap 3.0. It's compatible with Web / Tablet and Mobile devices as well.

  • 1. Linux
  • 2. Apache 2.0.x
  • 3. PHP Compatibility
  • 5.0.x or newer

  • 4. Mysql Compatibility
  • Mysql 5.0 or newer

  • 5.Required Extensions
    • Hash

    • JSON

    • CURL

    • DOM

    • GD Library with free type support 2

  • 6.Required PHP Settings
    • max_execution_time : “600?

    • max_input_time : “600?

    • file_uploads : “ON”

    • upload_max_filesize : “20MB”

    • post_max_size : “20MB”

    • max_file_uploads : “20MB”

    • safe_mode: off

  • 7.Server Settings
    • Ability to run scheduled jobs (cron jobs)

    • Ability to override in .htaccess files

    • IonCube Loader

Yes, you can do whatever modifications that you wish as long as you have proficiency in the PHP, HTML and CSS.

Yes, we do provide custom theme & development service. Please contact us for more details at

Currently, we accept Paypal, Visa/Master card (via Paypal) and Wire Transfer.

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Latest News

Prystino Technologies launches "Trio 1.0" - a Social Commerce script which can also be used as "Wanelo Clone Script" for its world wide customers - 21st Feb 2014.

Upcoming Features

  • Affiliate Program
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Ogone Payment Gateway
  • Chrome Bookmarklet
  • Referal Module